Reviewing Drew Estate Undercrown Cigars


A gloriously golden Connecticut Shade wrapper from Ecuador surrounds the round body of Robusto from Nicaragua. The interesting deposit of Dominican Criollo tobacco and Nicaraguan Criollo and Corojo leaves is held by a Sumatra binder. This blend provides a very creamy aroma, with clear and lasting throughout the smoke lasting notes of soft wood and mild roasted coffee. In addition, the Undercrown Shade Robusto comes up with a lot of fabulously creamy smoke, which also hides a soft caramel sweetness.

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For the composition of the tobacco blend of the Undercrown Shade Robusto, none other than Willy Herrera is responsible, an absolute expert in mild yet very complex cigars.

First impressions

The first impression of the cigars: Robusto and Toro are very high quality cigars. The long fillers contain a lot of tobacco and wear a noble Connecticut Shade wrapper. This is the essential differentiator to conventional Drew Estate Undercrown cigar series. The brand comes from Jonathan Drew, an American who rolls cigars for “subcultures”.

After lighting, the bittern notes are revealed. Leather and cocoa mix together. The bittern notes are soon gone. It remains in the first third but with a leather-cocoa mixture. Finally, cocoa and soft woods prevail in the first smoke section.

The tensile behaviour is perfect, as well as the burnout. The strength is in the mild to medium range, tendency direction medium. The smoke feels even softer with longer ash. In terms of taste nothing new happens in the second third. With a bit of luck, you can catch some citrus, caramel and cinnamon nuances after you have finished. Later, traces of hay are added. The Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Robusto now has a very complex and harmonious taste.

Harmoniously it continues in the last third. For a moment one thinks: Now coffee comes into play, but quickly the flavour spectrum changes again. Wood, cocoa and again leather appear in medium-strong form. Later, traces of nuts and black pepper are added. The ashes are extremely good, so you can smoke the cigar and only have to flick once. The final is complex and perfectly balanced.


The mildest smoke so far from Drew Estate, which seems just as impressive as the stronger siblings from other series. So, finally, even beginners have the opportunity to taste the tasteful cigars of Jonathan Drew from Nicaragua. Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Robusto starts unspectacular. From the middle, however, the cigars offer many subtle nuances. Perfectly balanced, it goes through the last two sections of smoke. The style is excellent. The Drew Estate Undercrown Connecticut Shade will impress any seasoned cigar smoker who loves to enjoy his long-filler cigars.

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