H. Uppman Cigars: 6 Ways to Spot a Good Quality Cigar

Choosing a good quality cigar isn’t easy. A cigar is an indulgence, your reward after a job well done; you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on something that ends up being a dud. 

Factors like the cigar manufacturer’s experience, the tobacco leaves’ quality, and the stick’s construction should all be considered. H. Uppman cigars make the decision-making process easy. 

H. Uppman Cigars  

H. Uppman cigars started life after a German banker and cigar enthusiast, Herman Uppman, moved to Havanna in 1844 to pursue his passion for Cuban cigars. Uppman’s cigars are still made today, and the manufacturers are loyal to the original high-quality cigar-making standards set by the man himself. 

H. Uppman cigars are now handmade in the Dominican Republic, sticking to their heritage; the creators use their long history and experience to craft smooth cigars suited to every type of cigar smoker. 

So, how do you know that H. Uppmans are premium, good-quality cigars? We find out. 

How to Spot a Good Quality Cigar

Next time you’re sitting down to enjoy an H. Uppman cigar or hunting for another brand of top-notch stick, keep an eye out for these quality indicators.  

How Long is the Ash? 

The length of the ash that stays on your lit cigar is an indication of the stick’s quality. Ideally, a premium cigar should hold an inch of ash before falling off. 

When the ash falls, a cone should be left on the stick, which tells you that the center leaves of your cigar are of excellent quality. No cone? It’s a lower-quality cigar. 

The Roll Test

When you roll the cigar between your index finger and thumb, its feel should be smooth. Rolling helps you understand the cigar’s construction. You’ll likely get an uneven draw and a shorter ash if it feels lumpy and rough. 

How is it Packed?

In a quality cigar, you should see the Goldilocks of tobacco packing. Packed too tightly, your cigar will yield less flavor and smoke and be tough on the draw. Packed too loosely, it’ll burn hotter, leaving behind a harsher taste. You’re looking for a cigar that’s packed just right. 

Is Your Burn Even? 

When smoking your cigar, it should burn evenly from start to finish. If it doesn’t, that’s a sign that your stick has been packed inconsistently. 

Consistency is Key

As you work through a box of cigars, note whether they differ in taste and smoking experience. Good quality cigar creators ensure every stick is the same, so if you notice an anomaly, it could be a red flag for a lower-quality cigar. 

The Quality of Your Tobacco

You’ll need to do your research for this one. If you’re looking for a top-quality cigar, you must ensure that the tobacco used is the best. Factors such as where the tobacco was grown and dried, as well as the experience of the cigar creators, are important considerations. 

The Dominican Republic’s climate and other environmental factors make it an ideal place to grow first-class tobacco. H. Uppman leans on over 150 years of experience to produce perfectly balanced, packed, and constructed cigars. 

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