Black Chazaro Petite Corona


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Black Cházaro is composed of 80% mild tobacco and 20% strong tobacco to offer a well balanced cigar, with a mild to medium strength. The cigar is firm to the touch, has an excellent draw, even burn and produces a tight white ash which holds on to the cigar.

This is a cigar recommended for new and experienced smokers looking for a mild to medium strength smoke, which nonetheless brings an interesting experience due to the complexity of aroma and flavors.

Black Chazaro Petite Corona - 10$59.50

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Black Chazaro Petite Corona - 5$33.25

Out of stock

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2 reviews for Black Chazaro Petite Corona

  1. Rob Davis

    Love The Brand…
    Smooth Smoke…

  2. Dale Osmun

    You must have run out of the petite coronas; 5 shorts were substituted. Any Chazaro is better than none! I like the whole lineup!
    I think Mexican cigars get short shrift. Chazaro’s blends are a great value for the money. Restock them soon please!

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