Crux Epicure Maduro Toro


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Arrives Jul 18th - Jul 20th after purchase.

Attractively presented, the Crux Epicure Maduro Toro cigar presents notes of dried fruit, earthiness, and cocoa. This cigar is smooth and easygoing, and perfect for a weekend escape. It exudes old-school luxury; bold, assertive, and flavorful, it strikes the perfect balance. Evoke Americana with this elegant cigar, easy to smoke, it’s ideal for any occasion. 

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Crux Epicure Maduro Toro - 20$212.50

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Crux Epicure Maduro Toro - 5$59.38

In stock

1 review for Crux Epicure Maduro Toro

  1. Carl Simpson

    Great smoke! My friends love them too. I share a couple with them

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