H-Town Namakubi Ecuador Lancero


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The H-Town Namakubi Ecuador Lancero is a medium-full bodied cigar that will give you an “in-your-face” experience from the box to the band. The name Namakubi — a reference to the ancient samurai tradition of severing an enemy’s head — is a fair descriptor; this stick takes no prisoners.

Featuring the darkest wrapper in the series, the Namakubi greets you with a black-coffee tinted color and gives off a fair bit of oil. The color is more than just for looks, as coffee aromas emulate from the wrapper — discerning smokers may also pick up some orange notes after a few sniffs. Once lit, the Namakubi generates a lot of smoke and some intense flavors. Early on, you’ll get some heavy spice with a bit of earth and even some citrus notes. The heat only increases as it burns, with the back third creating a tingling sensation on the palate before giving way to a surprising bit of sweetness on the final few inches.

This is an intense cigar that should be paired with drinks that can keep up like single malt scotch, robust red wines, and imperial stouts.

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5 reviews for H-Town Namakubi Ecuador Lancero

  1. Dave Holland (verified owner)

    If you are a Room 101 fan, to have to pick these up! I think that Stogies is the last place that has the Namakubi’s “in the wild” and, they are lanceros to boot.

  2. R. Mike Farrell

    These are great smokes. They’re aged 7-8yrs at this point so they’ve changed from what I recall back in 2014 or so. A solid medium in flavor & light to medium in strength. I would recommend these for Lancero & Ecuadorian Habano wrapper lovers to at least give a try. Stogies World Class Cigars are great to do business with as well. Fine job guys.

  3. R. Mike Farrell

    I’ve now ordered 5 boxes of the H-Town Namakubi Ecuador. This is a great stick that has a surprisingly strong character to it given its age. I believe the age(it is from 2013) has settled down the coffee a bit & allowed some of the less pronounced flavors like orange peel & white pepper to develop. It’s in my top 5 Lancero’s of all time. Great job here guys.

  4. Guy McCloud

    Outstanding find! I smoked one the other day and felt transported in time to when I first smoked one of Matt’s Namakubi Ecuador joints several years ago. I don’t get into palates and subtleties with taste. I will say that this is a daaaaaaaamn good smoke! Salute!

  5. Tim Paulo

    Another great cigar

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