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A number of factors determine the taste and flavor of a cigar including the filler blend, quality of the tobacco, type of wrapper, construction, country of origin, cigar manufacturer, etc. Though the taste and flavor are highly subjective, there are some “rules” about how a good cigar should smell, smoke and taste.

Filler Blend and Quality of the Tobacco

Filler blend can be made of whole tobacco leaf (long filler) or scraps of leaves (short filler), both of which can consist of different quality tobacco. Long filler cigars are considered superior over their short filler counterparts although these can be made of the highest quality tobacco as well.

Type of Wrapper

There are several types of wrapper which don’t only determine the smell and appearance of a cigar. They have a major influence on the taste and flavor as well due to different flavors and strengths/intensities available.


The importance of cigar construction cannot be emphasized enough. The cigar can be made of the finest blend of the highest quality tobacco but it won’t taste right if it’s poorly constructed. If under-filled, it will burn fast and create a hot smoke. But if over-filled, it will be extremely difficult to draw. In addition to affecting the overall experience of smoking, poorly constructed cigars also have less flavor and aroma.

Country of Origin

How the filler blend and wrapper will taste depends greatly on the variety and quality of the tobacco but the taste and flavor also depend greatly on the characteristics of the soil in which the tobacco was grown, climate, rolling technique, etc. And these tend to vary from one country to another. This makes cigars very similar to wine because particular tastes and flavors can be achieved only in regions/countries with particular soil characteristics, climate, manufacturing techniques, etc. For example, Jamaica has ideal conditions for cigars with mild taste, Nicaragua for rich and full taste stogies, Dominican Republic for mild to medium and Cuba for rich and sort of creamy flavor cigars.

Cigar Manufacturer

Making a good cigar is an art. And some cigar manufacturers have mastered this art better than the others. Premium cigar makers don’t only use the highest quality tobacco and have the best blenders working for them but they also have a unique approach to rolling, construction, packaging, etc., which gives their cigars a unique taste and flavor. But it is also important to mention that there are many cigar lovers who prefer the taste of low- to mid-range cigars over their high-end counterparts.

Body vs Flavor

The terms body and flavor are often used interchangeably by both new and “veteran” smokers. However, body and flavor mean two different things. Body refers to intensity or strength of a cigar and can be light, medium or full. Flavor, on the other hand, describes the taste itself.

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