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Level Up Your Lighter: Why Using a Proper Cigar Lighter Matters

From the farming and cultivation all the way to the final puff, cigars are about quality above all else. The pursuit of perfection and the undeniable allure of quality craftsmanship make cigar-smoking special, and the sticks themselves aren’t the only area where quality counts. When it comes to getting the most from your cigars, your cigar accessories matter

While serious smokers may need multiple cigar cutters, and anyone who keeps and collects cigars needs a decent humidor, perhaps the most important accessory for ensuring a proper smoking experience is a proper cigar lighter. So put down the Bic and ditch the kitchen lighter and learn why a leveling up your cigar lighter can make a huge difference in the way you enjoy your cigars.

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Why do you need a cigar lighter? 

Some of you may be thinking, “Why is a cigar lighter important? Fire is fire, right?” and you’re not completely wrong — you could light a cigar with flimsy bar matches or a stove top if you really had to (please, don’t’ try that last one at home), but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get the most out of your cigar. After all, beyond quality, cigar-smoking is all about the burn

When you smoke a cigar, what you taste is literally what’s burning. When you use cheap lighters that aren’t engineered for smoking cigars, and often use toxic chemicals like naphtha, which ends up in your cigar, the smoke, and (possibly) your lungs. It’s not just gross to think about — chemicals from cheap lighters can actually impact the flavor of your cigar.

Butane cigar lighters: The aficionado’s choice

Cigar smokers who care about the quality of their sticks typically choose butane cigar lighters. Butane is a clean gas. Butane is odorless and tasteless, and lighting your cigar with a butane lighter will help you get nothing but the purest flavor from your cigar. Even compared to matches, butane is a superior option. Many commercially available matches have chemicals on their heads that burn when struck and can interfere with your cigar. Simply put, butane lighters allow you truly taste your cigar the way its makers intended. 

Stogies top-choice butane cigar lighters: 

A smoother lighting experience 

Have you ever tried to use a gas station lighter or matches to light a cigar on a windy day? You likely either gave up or wound up frantically puffing on a half-lit stick that didn’t deliver on its potential. Premium windproof cigar lighters can make it easier to light your cigar perfectly in any condition. 

Multi-torch lighters including those with quartz or zinc ignitions provide both a smoother, more stable light that can withstand windy conditions. Multi-torch lighters come in double-torch, triple-torch, and quadruple-torch configurations. Multiple torches produce a stronger flame that can withstand difficult conditions, ensuring your cigar is lit smoothly and evenly with a stable flame that won’t char the wrapper in windy conditions. 

Another clean option for lighting cigars in any condition are flameless, electric cigar lighters. While the spark gaps can be slightly small, making electric lighters unsuitable for larger-gauge sticks, they are very convenient and wind-proof. Simply charge and light — no fuel refills required. 

Stogies top-choice wind-resistant lighters

Level up your cigar-smoking experience at Stogies World Class Cigars

Whether you’re looking for wind-proof butane lighters or hard-to-find premium cigars from around the world, Stogies has everything you need to enjoy cigars to their fullest. From our Stogies exclusive H-Town lanceros to Houston’s best cigar lounge, Stogies is a premier destination for cigars, whether you’re shopping online or in-store. 

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