How To Enjoy Cigars in the Cold | Expert Tips

How To Enjoy Cigars in the Cold Expert Tips

Enjoying a cigar when it’s cold outside can be more of a challenge than it seems. After all, smoking a fine cigar is supposed to be a time to slow down, relax, and forget about your troubles for a little while, and all of that is a lot harder to do when you’re freezing cold. But that doesn’t mean you need to put down smoking until warmer weather comes along

When smoking indoors just isn’t an option, you don’t have to let your humidor gather dust during the winter months. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy a cigar to its fullest during cold winter months. Get top tips on how to smoke a cigar in winter from our experts, and never let the cold keep you from enjoying a cigar again. 

1) Choose a shorter stick 

We love the experience of smoking a big cigar as much as anyone (just take a look at our exclusive H-Town Lanceros), but there’s a time and a place for a drawn out smoking experience, and outside in the freezing cold isn’t one of them.

There’s no shame in breaking out your robustos, corona or petit coronas for a quicker smoke during the colder months. Smaller sticks can still pack a big flavor, not to mention you’re more likely to enjoy a quicker smoke to its fullest than you would rushing a 1+ hour smoke so that you can get out of the cold. 

Our experts recommend these cigars for a quick winter smoke: 

2) Invest in a proper lighter

Nothing is more frustrating than heading outside for a long-awaited stogie only to have the wind thwart your plans. When your standard butane lighter or matches just aren’t getting the job done, a specialty dual or triple flame lighter built to withstand the wind will help you light up and relax without the hassle. 

Our experts recommend these cigar lighters for windy days: 

Trying to smoke right now and don’t have a special lighter? No problem. Try to turn away from the wind and use your back as a shield between the wind and your cigar. Next, move the lighter a little farther away from the cigar than you normally would to light, and gradually move the flame toward the foot to avoid scorching in the wind.

3) Keep your hands warm

Putting on a jacket when you go outside to smoke a cigar during the winter is pretty basic stuff, but what about your hands? Pockets aren’t exactly an option when you have a cigar lit, and standard gloves or mittens can make holding your cigar a bit of a hassle, not to mention the lint and fuzz that can get on the head. To keep your fingers free and your hands warm while you smoke a cigar, we recommend investing in a pair of fingerless gloves. 

4) Visit a cigar lounge

Just because you can’t smoke in your house our apartment doesn’t mean you can’t find a warm place to smoke indoors. Your favorite local cigar lounge should be more than happy to let you light up and make yourself at home with a cigar you’ve purchased from them — and Stogies world class cigar lounge in Houston, TX is no exception.

Stogies cigar lounge features everything you need to relax and feel at home while you enjoy a fine cigar including big-screen TVs, comfortable furniture, wi-fi access, and more. And while we can’t sell alcohol, you’re more than welcome to bring and pair your own beer, wine, or liquor with your cigars

Take things to the next level by becoming one of our Private Members and getting access to our private cigar lounge 24/7 in addition to other top amenities. 

Enjoy fine cigars year-round with Stogies World Class Cigars

Whether you need some quick petit coronas to smoke when it’s cold outside, a specialty lighter to help you light up on a windy day, or a warm inviting space to enjoy your favorite sticks, Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, TX has you covered. 

Our top-tier cigars and quality accessories are available year-round in-store and online for all your cigar-smoking needs. Pay us a visit, and let us help you get stocked up on everything you need to enjoy a cigar during the winter.