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Even if you don’t have an expensive humidor, it is of utmost importance to care for it properly in order for it to do its job properly – maintain the optimal humidity level and temperature (70/70) so that your cigars remain fresh, good tasting and above all, safe.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions for Seasoning

Before you put your cigars in a new humidor, you should first season or prepare it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. So be sure to read the instructions carefully and don’t skip any of the steps.

If your new humidor doesn’t include a hygrometer, it is a good idea to purchase one in order to be able to monitor and maintain the optimal humidity level. The latter should be as close to 70% as possible in order for the cigars to retain their natural flavor and freshness. If the humidity level is too high, your cigars can get affected by mold but if it’s too low, your favorite stogies will dry out.

Long-Term Care

Humidor is very undemanding when it comes to long-term care and maintenance. In order for it to keep your cigars in top condition, you are recommended to follow these five simple steps:

1. Maintain optimal temperature and humidity level.
The most important thing of all is to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity level and add distilled water or humidifier solution to the humidifier when the humidity level begins to drop. But while monitoring the temperature and humidity level is the key, be sure to resist the temptation to open your humidor too frequently in order to keep the temperature and humidity level as constant as possible.

2. Use only distilled water or humidifier solution in the humidifier.
Never use tap water because minerals and impurities in it can affect the flavor of your cigars and induce mold or bacteria growth. The same counts for bottled water. So once again, use only distilled water or humidifier solution.

3. Never overfill your humidor.
It is better to keep it half full than completely full because if overfilled, the air inside the humidor cannot circulate properly. And if there is not enough air circulation, some of your cigars can get too moist and the others dry out.

4. Clean the humidor periodically.
Every now and then, remove all the cigars from your humidor and clean it inside with a damp cloth. Be sure, however, not to soak it. When cleaning it from the outside, don’t use any cleaning products or polishes as these can penetrate the wood and affect the cigar flavor. Clean your humidor using a damp cloth both inside and outside the unit.

5. Keep the unit away from direct sunlight exposure and heat sources.
Don’t keep your humidor exposed to direct sunlight or near heat sources as they can dangerously increase the temperature inside. Likewise, don’t keep the unit in damp areas like basement to avoid mold growth problems.

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