Crux Cigars

Buy Crux cigars online from Stogies World Class Cigars. Crux cigars are crafted as a celebration of community — emphasizing the quality and craftsmanship needed to make every stick a memorable experience best shared with friends.

About Crux Cigars


The Latin word for “cross,” the name Crux refers to the crossroads we all face in life’s journeys, the ones that keep us “always searching, until you find the crux.” On the market since 2014, Cux Cigars have quickly become one of the leading tobacco brands in the industry. Each cigar is crafted from premium tobacco blends grown from various farms in Nicaragua. Crux’s dedication to the highest quality product means each cigar has been aged and blended to perfection because Crux doesn’t just create cigars; they create experiences. Crux currently makes five blends, including the Epicure (smooth and clean),  the Epicure Maduro (subtle and sweet), Bull & Bear (smoky and sweet), Guild (savory and clean), and Limitada (complex and clean). Stogies World Class Cigars offers all five incredible blends of Crux cigars online at a great price.

Learn more about Crux Cigars’ premium blends here.

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