Crux Cigars: Top FAQs Answered

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One cigar manufacturer that keeps knocking it out of the park when it comes to their sticks is Crux Cigars. Crux has crafted a cigar for everyone. Seven blends made from premium Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian tobacco present a tasting adventure for any cigar lover. This cigar brand is so popular it’s hardly surprising that people have so many questions about their products. We answer some of the more frequent ones below. 

Is Crux a Good Brand of Cigars?

Yes, Crux Cigars is a cutting-edge brand that consistently scores high marks for its cigars. Their cigars are created following the most stringent standards, and this attention to quality is reflected in their products. With Crux, you can expect consistent quality at reasonable prices. 

Who Makes Crux Cigars? 

Crux was founded by Jeff Haugen in 2014. He partnered with the renowned Plasencia family, centuries-long veterans of the tobacco industry, to produce Crux cigars in Nicaragua using a blend of the best tobacco around. Jeff has a lifelong love of cigars and started in the industry in 1992. This experience and passion drove the vision that is today an award-winning cigar brand. 

What Are The Different Blends of Crux Cigars?

Crux Epicure

The Crux Epicure blend is characterized by its approachability. A more accessible entry into the cigar-smoking world for newcomers, these cigars are creamy, clean, and smooth. The Crux Epicure presents vanilla and citrus notes with a peppery intensity in the background.

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Crux Epicure Maduro

The Crux Epicure Maduro is earthier, with cherry flavors breaking through alongside spices.

Crux Epicure Maduro Toro

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Crux Epicure Habano

The Crux Epicure Habano cigars are full-to-medium-bodied with a complex palette including notes of pepper, coffee, and cocoa supported by a rich earthiness.

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Crux Limitada

The Crux Limitada is bold, earthy, and warm. The flavors of the Crux Limitada cigars are peppery and cedary, with notes of cocoa.

Crux Limitada PB52

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Crux Guild

The Crux Guild cigars are full-bodied, and so are the choice for more seasoned cigar smokers. The strength of the smoke is accompanied by citrus flavors, spiciness, and leather.

Crux Guild Robusto

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Crux Bull and Bear

The Crux Bull & Bear cigars release notes of cocoa and coffee and hints of vanilla. The smoothness of these cigars is complemented by its unique flavor palette.

Crux Bull & Bear Toro Cigars

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Crux du Connoisseur

Last but definitely not least, the Crux du Connoisseur is an intense blend that presents notes of espresso and caramel. This smooth smoke is perfect for late nights and celebratory moments.

Crux du Connoisseur No. 4 Cigars

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