Crux Epicure Short Salomone


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Dubbed the “crown jewel” of the Crux cigar brand, the Epicure is a likable cigar with appealing qualities well-suited to just about any cigar lover. From the foot all the way down to the band, the Crux Epicure is smooth, creamy, and full of inviting flavors. This medium-plus cigar starts with sweet vanilla notes complimented by bright citrus. Though the Epicure does pick up some more intense flavors, with some black pepper notes and leather flavors on the retrohale, it retains its sweeter traits through the finish. 

The Epicure’s clean, mild profile makes it a good pair with your favorite lager.

Crux Epicure Short Salomone - 20$263.50

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Crux Epicure Short Salomone - 5$73.63

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