CAO Flathead Big Block


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The CAO Flathead cigar is a testament to the fusion of classic American automotive culture with premium cigar craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from hot rods and pin-up aesthetics, it embodies a rugged and stylish persona that appeals to aficionados seeking both quality and flair.

One of its standout features is its box-pressed shape, reminiscent of vintage automotive design elements. This distinctive shaping process not only adds to its visual appeal but also affects the smoking experience by enhancing the draw and overall construction of the cigar.

The choice of a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper lends a bold and rich flavor profile to the cigar, while the blend, predominantly composed of Nicaraguan tobacco, contributes to its robust character and complexity. This blend results in a smoke that is full-bodied yet balanced, delivering a satisfying experience from start to finish.

In addition to its exceptional smoking qualities, the CAO Flathead pays homage to the spirit of muscle cars through its packaging design. Moreover, the packaging itself features a lid that can be easily removed and repurposed as wall art, reminiscent of the iconic muscle car engine hood.

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