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Arrives Feb 27th - Feb 29th after purchase.

Gurkha Cigars has officially announced the release of its highly anticipated “Year of the Dragon” cigar.

The Year of the Dragon holds significance in various cultures, symbolizing strength, good fortune, and power. Gurkha Cigars, known for their commitment to craftsmanship and tradition, has chosen to pay homage to this auspicious year with a cigar blend that embodies the spirit of the dragon.

Cigar enthusiasts can expect a meticulously crafted smoking experience, as Gurkha is renowned for using only the finest tobacco leaves and employing skilled artisans in their production process. The Year of the Dragon release is likely to showcase the brand’s dedication to delivering exceptional quality and flavor.

Gurkha Cigars has a history of producing limited-edition releases that captivate the attention of the cigar community, and the Year of the Dragon is expected to be no exception!

As the Year of the Dragon unfolds in 2024, cigar enthusiasts can celebrate with Gurkha’s commemorative release, savoring the artistry and passion that goes into each handcrafted cigar. Whether enjoyed during a special occasion or as part of one’s regular cigar rotation, the Year of the Dragon promises to be a memorable addition to Gurkha’s distinguished lineup.

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