H-Town Illusione Lancero


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Based on the beloved Singulare 2010 Phantom, the H-Town Illusione Lancero is part of Illusione’s Cigars Prívé line. This medium-strength cigar offers a complex flavor profile, opening with some familiar toastiness before gradually evolving to reveal coffee, peanut, and even peppermint notes as the flavor profile grows in intensity to medium-full near the middle. A satisfying smoke from beginning to end, the H-Town Illusione Lancero’s flavor comes full circle near its end, reprising the nuttier notes on the finish with hints of sourdough bread.

Fans of complex, even abrasive flavor profiles will discover a rewarding experience with The H-Town Illusione Lancero. To make the most of this multifaceted cigar, we recommend pairing with an IPA or a single malt scotch.

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1 review for H-Town Illusione Lancero

  1. Thomas Knight

    I enjoyed this one with breakfast

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