Macanudo Emissary Perfecto


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The Macanudo Emissary is a truly exceptional cigar, boasting a blend of tobaccos from diverse origins, with a unique highlight on the rare Spanish varietal from the Rio Lobos Canyon. The Emissary has a great flavor profile, with notes of sweet cedar, roasted almond, caramel, and white pepper, and promises a complex and rewarding smoking experience. Its medium-bodied strength suggests it’s suitable for a wide range of cigar enthusiasts, offering a balance between richness and smoothness. With its intriguing combination of ingredients and carefully crafted blend, it’s no wonder that the Emissary Espana is described as one of the most compelling offerings in the cigar market.

Macanudo Emissary Perfecto - 16$244.80

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Macanudo Emissary Perfecto - 5$85.50

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