Top 10 Cigars of Summer 2020

There’s nothing normal about summer this year, we all have had to make adjustments in all aspects of our life. One thing we have noticed is that regardless of all the lockdowns, limited capacity in lounges, and social distancing, our love for the leaf comes through and brings us together even when separated. We’ve been

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Top 10 Celebration Cigars

As soon as an event is over, the next is already waiting for us. All those celebrations, from birthdays to Christmas and New Year’s Eve need to be celebrated the right way. It doesn’t matter if you are spending the evening in the privacy by the fireplace, at a dinner for one or if you

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Stogies Expanding Amenities

Houston’s demand for cigars is so hot, two of the city’s retailers have recently moved into significantly larger spaces to keep up with orders and broaden their selections of cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco and accessories. Stogies World Class Cigars tripled its size when it moved into a new location at 6100 Westheimer in February, increasing from 1,200 to 4,300 square feet, while bumping up the size of its humidor — a climate-controlled room to hold cigars or pipe tobacco — from 250 square feet to 800 in the process.

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